Connexient Introduces Indoor GPS App, MSKcompass

Connexient Introduces Indoor GPS App, MSKcompass

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, July 15, 2019

With MSKcompass, an indoor GPS App, the visitors will no longer have to rely on officials to find the patient.  

FREMONT, CA: The unbiased responsibilities with the extended duties in an emergency environment limit the healthcare officials to serve minimal administrative matters. And with the misbalanced crowd, the patient's family members are left with no choice but to be in waiting rooms or to monitor the entire building. In order to solve the complications, Connexient, an indoor mapping and navigation provider launched MSKcompass application in all mobile platforms.

On July 2, Connexient's indoor tracking software went online for the first time in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Westchester. With the simplified navigational protocols, the MSKcompass guides visitors to detect the exact location of the patient prominently. Once installed, the users come face to face with an entire array of efficiently sorted sets of information. In addition to the therapeutic search criteria, MSKcompass enable visitors to navigate the doctors and nurses appointed to the patient during the time of emergency. Ability to function in multiple operating environments like android and iOS, increases the effectiveness of the applications.

Apart from maneuvering features, the software also addresses parking and check-in-desk areas for visitors. Important locations like the way to cafeterias and restrooms can be easily detected with MSKcompass's platform. With a unique meet-up feature, the users can appoint meetings with friends and family members who are connected through MSKcompass. Furthermore, the seamless transition to local languages extends the understanding and navigational powers of the users.          

In order to illustrate the functionalities of MSKcompass, Connexient created a visual demonstration for the users to comprehend the first-hand experience. The video cleverly utilizes internet accessibility to spread the features of MSKcompass among visitors. Moreover, broadcasting will help to raise awareness of the software and guide users about how to function the innovating navigational application. The official demonstration took place in MSK Westchester, a state of the art cancer treatment institute in Hudson Valley, where MSKcompass effortlessly displayed each and every location information of the facility. The power of navigating our loved ones in a fragile situation will not only extend the abilities of customer service but also will provide a sensitive touch to the visitors.     

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