Continuous Care for Senior Citizens with CarePredict Home

Continuous Care for Senior Citizens with CarePredict Home

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, March 18, 2019

Besides changing the prevailing notion of healthcare, technology has changed the expectation of patients. Today, patients demand more comprehensive, improved, and personalized healthcare service, and to meet this growing demand of the customers, innovative projects are being undertaken. Undoubtedly, the advent of wearable has led this craving to a different level. Statista predicts that in 2019, revenue of almost $4.4 billion will be created from the sales of healthcare wearable devices.

CES 2019 met diversified and innovative ideas ranging from virtual reality to 8K, but in this paradise of tech lovers, AI kept its position of the controlling force. The healthcare sector witnessed several significant launches that can change the scenario in the upcoming years.

CarePredict stunned the audience announcing to launch healthcare solution, CarePredict Home keeping a keen eye on the problems faced by senior citizens. This wearable device will leverage ML and other kinematics to predict health issues that may jeopardize their normal life, such as depression and urinary tract infections (UTI).

This end-to-end platform leverages AI to collect large data sets regarding the daily activities and behavior of senior citizens, but without being restricted within the boundary of daily activities, the deep learning model enables it to properly analyze the data sets in order to trace the traits of self-neglect, depression, lack of rest, and unusual pattern of toileting. This product has been accepted by the customers in North America and Japan as it ensures the smart and effective care of the senior members.

Besides CarePredict, Omron Healthcare has launched HeartGuide, the wearable blood pressure monitor which is an important step to address the company’s mission of ‘Going For Zero.’ This device will remain connected to an innovative app, HeartAdvisor, to ensure patients’ better understanding of their health condition.

CES 2019 brought a new ray of hope for those suffering from chronic pain in the form of Quell 2.0 which provides mild shocks to blunt the pain signals, and Testcard’s $4 urine test has to be mentioned which ensures accurate test results to detect pregnancy, UTI, and glucose levels.

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