Cooper Wellness Strategies And Weld Health Association Will...

Cooper Wellness Strategies And Weld Health Association Will Optimize Chronic Disease Management

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, July 04, 2022

Cooper Tracks partners with Welld Health to provide chronic disease management and control healthcare centres.

FREMONT, CA:  Chronic disease management is an essential part of healthcare. The world population is presently surviving with at least one chronic disease while mostly managing diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Cooper Wellness Strategies facilitates health and wellness centres for managing chronic health diseases.

Cooper Wellness Strategies, a company of Cooper Aerobics and Welld Health, disclosed their partnership for developing health and wellness centres to control chronic diseases. The association will help monitor Welld Health workflows and reporting engines to record referrals, biometrics, enrollment, and screening in HIPAA secure platform.

“Welld Health has a proven track record of working with health care organizations and fitness centres throughout the United States, said David Evans, Vice President of Cooper Wellness Strategies. We value their experience and expertise to automate our Cooper Tracks reporting and, at the same time, add quality programs for Welld clients" so it's a win-win”.

The Welld Health platform enables data to be collected through pre-configured forms, thus simplifying communication between instructors, participants and the physicians through template letters, which can be easily altered. Strong reporting engines and workflows ensure that data is gathered with scientific methods to expedite national and local representation of health outcomes.

Cooper tracks is an exercise and learning solution programmed to guide and support individuals with chronic illness. It includes four chronic disease tracks, cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and arthritis and two prevention tracks, well-being and immunity.

“With the launch of this partnership, existing and prospective Welld Health clients running Cooper Tracks can easily operationalize their program reporting needs”to focus on what matters most”wellness, states Chris Craytor, CEO of Welld Health. We weave in wearable metrics, smart equipment data and gym visits to complement Cooper Tracks comprehensive health outcome reporting”.

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