Coupling Technology and ASCs: A Positive Trend in Healthcare

Coupling Technology and ASCs: A Positive Trend in Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Today’s ASCs are sophisticated, technologically complex healthcare facilities, using advanced technology solutions to improve efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are changing healthcare delivery and the market for medical devices and equipment. ASC is an increasingly attractive choice for managed care as a way of ensuring high-quality, efficient outpatient surgical care. Today, most ASCs function as sophisticated, technologically complex healthcare facilities. Though there is a significant gap compared to large health systems, the ASC industry is also moving toward greater adoption of technological advancements. Advancements in technology have resulted in improvements for ASCs in terms of timely and accurate billing and collection, cleaner claims, identification of gaps in care, and comprehensive cost data to demonstrate savings. Know more here. Top 10 Healthcare Mobility Solution Providers - 2020

ASC owners today are constantly looking for new ways to efficiently handle tasks related to scheduling, provider staffing, reimbursement, medical recordkeeping, and supply chain management. In ASC practice, embracing healthcare, IT improves the way ASCs do business, allowing them to improve efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and take care of patients effectively. In particular, ASCs integrated scheduling software with their practice management software to fundamentally change how they do business. ASC practice management software allows expanding schedule accessibility to surgeons and even patients. That helps ASCs maximize efficiencies for procedures. Having real-time data on schedules and provider availability at fingertips streamlines surgeons’ workflows and allows them to quickly book new procedures and reduce the administrative time to coordinate schedules over the phone or on paper.

Additionally, safe and secure cloud-based platforms can help ASCs safeguard personal health information, prevent data breaches, and comply with regulations-critical considering recent healthcare breaches. Using cloud technology over traditional servers can also ensure data is still available in the instance of a disaster, which can knock out decades worth of healthcare information if these modes of storing data are not adequately backed up.

Without the emergence of ASCs as an option for care, health care expenses would have been higher over the past few decades. At a time when developments in health care services and technology usually come with a higher price, ASCs stand out as an exception to the rule.

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