Cox ProsightSM Harnesses the Internet of Things' Potential for...

Cox ProsightSM Harnesses the Internet of Things' Potential for Hospital Operations

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 16, 2021

Sujata Gosalia, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Cox Communications

Cox Business introduces an all-in-one platform designed to improve operations through real-time location services.

FREMONT, CA: Cox Communications launches Cox ProsightSM, an expandable, secure technology focused on changing hospital operations through real-time location services. Cox Prosight optimizes operational efficiency, improves worker safety and processes, and improves the patient experience by automating duties such as equipment tracking and on-site navigation. Those attending HIMSS21 in Las Vegas from August 9-13 gets an exclusive first peek at the technology in operation.

Every day, hospitals around the country face many of the same issues: time spent locating assets, trouble manually monitoring environmental conditions, and patients and visitors having difficulty navigating facilities. To solve these issues, Cox Business' all-in-one Cox Prosight solution simplifies and streamlines day-to-day operations, allowing hospitals to focus on what matters: caring for patients.

“For decades, weve connected millions of patients and providers with our network and now we are using technology to connect people and things in new ways that improve the efficiency of healthcare operations, staff safety, and the patient experience,” says Sujata Gosalia, executive vice president and chief strategy officer. “Cox Prosight will create detailed insights that support patient care and hospital optimization.”

Cox Prosight, which is powered by Coxs Internet of Things (IoT) platform, provides software, hardware, and services with integrated features that give hospital managers and personnel access to:

 To maintain practical operationsTheAsset management tools that track equipment in real-time, provide visibility into utilization and inventory levels, and notify workers about maintenance and cleaning requirements "from any desktop or mobile device."

Automated environmental monitoring analyses temperatures across the hospital for critical products and areas " uch as medications, freezers, or operating rooms " and provides fast notifications of temperature changes while streamlining compliance processes.

When an emergency occurs, employees can use duress badges and notifications to request and receive aid immediately.

Patients and visitors to the hospital can benefit from the wayfinding system, which provides real-time, turn-by-turn navigation to reduce stress and improve the patient experience. This approach will assist in reducing unnecessary staff interruptions for direction-related questions.

Cox Prosight is putting the platform through its paces with long-time healthcare partner Ochsner Lafayette General in Lafayette, Louisiana. The hospital is presently tracking 2,700 pieces of equipment, 2,700 employees, and 200 environmental sensors to maintain effective operations.

"Since the start of our relationship with Cox, tangible solutions have been implemented to tackle ongoing problems, which helps transform our hospital operations," says Mike Dozier, vice president and chief information officer at Ochsner Lafayette General. "Hospitals and staff spend so much time looking for lost equipment and often spend too much money on new equipment as a result. With Cox Prosight, we are going to be able to accurately find equipment within a few feet of its location and identify the utilization of that asset. Safety is our priority in healthcare, and this technology enables us to respond to staff situations anywhere on our hospital campus within seconds, which is so important. Cox Prosight is another step in our journey to provide not only premiere healthcare and efficient facility operations, but to do so in a safe environment," he continues.

“Technology is most successful when it solves real issues, and Cox Prosight came from actual feedback from customers,” says George Valentine, executive director of new growth and development, Cox Communications. “With Cox Prosight, our primary goal was to deliver an easy-to-use solution that gives staff and patients a new sense of efficiency and security.”

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