CoxCommunications and Lafayette General Health System Extend...

CoxCommunications and Lafayette General Health System Extend Partnership

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, September 28, 2020

Cox and Lafayette General Health System (LGH) have collaborated to develop new technologies to enhance the healthcare solution.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, Cox and Lafayette General Health System (LGH) have announced the extension of their collaboration, which will help develop new technology so that it can meet the demands of a rapidly transforming healthcare environment.

The initial partnership is the first step towards a multi-year effort to develop new solutions that will help enhance hospital operations, patient experiences, and move more healthcare to the home. In the future, the initiatives might consist of using and testing additional telemedicine, digital health, and patient monitoring solutions, in collaboration with Cox's New Growth and Development organization and Lafayette General Health's Innovation Fund.

Furthermore, the partnership will even allow joint product and service creation through both companies' combined efforts. According to Leigh King, Cox Business Louisiana Vice President, "we have always been impressed with the amount of innovation coming out of LGH, and we're thrilled to partner with them on this new initiative." Lafayette General Health will also serve as a sandbox beta site to test and enhance the novel healthcare solutions, which can be utilized at LGH and other healthcare systems around the country.

Mike Dozier, chief information officer, Lafayette General Health, stated, "restoring, maintaining and improving health in the people and communities we serve is at the core of everything we do. Partnering with Cox on this initiative to enhance our operations further underscores this mission." "Cox is spearheading the call to transform healthcare, and we're proud to align with them to future-proof our organization."

Moreover, George Valentine, executive director, new growth & development, Cox Communications, said, "health systems are operating in a difficult environment and are looking for innovative partners with new ideas, technologies, and approaches." "We are excited to work with LGH to make the experience of healthcare easy, effective, and personalized by improving the connection between people and their care provider."

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