Creating a Digital Bridge between Patients and Physicians

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Hammad Shah, CEO, SOC Telemed

In the healthcare industry, telemedicine has paved the way toward taking patients to the center stage thereby becoming the health transformer for individuals. Telemedicine’s growth has been recognized in the seventh annual startup health festival that took place at San Francisco. Though the healthcare industry has witnessed growth over the years, the availability of physicians for special cases like neurology is still an ongoing issue. Getting appointment from a particular specialty surgeon for diagnosis, consultation, and treatment has become a race against the clock.

SOC Telemed is the leading service provider offering telemedicine for better patient care and to fill the gap in the availability and access toward qualified neurologists. SOC provides a Telemed IQ platform, where the physicians and patients come together and can connect to receive or deliver care. The main aim of Telemed is to breakdown the geographical barriers of the patients in communicating the physicians in case of an emergency. The physician or any hospital can connect to Telemed through phone or video conference calls. Hammad Shah, CEO, SOC Telemed, says, “SOC Telemed breaks down geographical barriers to make physicians readily available for both general consultation and emergencies.”  With SOC Telemed’s implementation, a hospital in Alabama now has a chance to reach rural patients.

Recently, SOC Telemed has formed a teleNeurology council in order to improve advancements in neural care remotely. The council sets up standards for industry leadership, patient care, and overall quality.

"SOC Telemed breaks down geographical barriers to make physicians readily available for both general consultation and emergencies"

Providing neural care on a daily basis may improve the number of patient outcomes. The teleNeurology council consists of the members with more than 80 years of combined experience. Andrew J. Barbash, M.D., is one of the council members who were former co-chair at Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems. Johanna L. Morton, M.D., CMQ is another member who is the vice chair of Acute Neurology and Stroke Care. Lakshmi Beeravolu, M.D, who is the Vice Chair at General and Inpatient Neurology section, is also in the list of SOC teleNeurology council.

Eric R. Anderson, M.D., Ph.D., Acting vice Chair—Quality and Elaine Celeste Jones, M.D., FAAN, Ad Hoc Council Member are some of the other members in the council. SOC has provided many innovative services to bring physicians and patients into the same platform. The company was the first to give acute telemedicine to patients.

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