CredSimple, Rebranded as Andros to Collaborate with Glenridge Health

CredSimple, Rebranded as Andros to Collaborate with Glenridge Health

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, September 28, 2020

CredSimple has launched Andros, which is a new corporate brand identity, that will represent the union of CredSimple and Glenridge Health.

NEWYORK: CredSimple, a leading provider of network management solutions, has rebranded itself as Andros. It is a new corporate brand identity that will represent the union of CredSimple and Glenridge Health, which took place in January of this year. Moreover, Andros is an industry-first, all-in-one solution, which will offer the healthcare organizations unparalleled access to a deep pool of data to increase the efficiency and optimization in their networks. The platform will also provide a streamlined and complete approach for empowering network development and network management lifecycles, consisting of recruiting, contracting, credentialing, and directory management.

Almost 30 percent of the total healthcare expenditures in the United States account for the administrative expenses, the requirement for digital tools, and insights to decrease manual work and create efficiencies that have never been more critical. Andros is a next-generation technology that allows a customizable and adaptable approach for network development and credentialing. Therefore, it can reduce inefficiencies and errors and make the networks agile, compliant, and competitive at each stage of their operation.

According to Mike Simmons, Founder & CEO of Andros, "We are continuing to push boundaries in the healthcare industry. We were the first company to start enhancing the provider network management experience through the cloud and define new industry standards for automated credentialing. Our new name and positioning will help us reinforce our continued mission of enabling healthcare companies to digitally transform their entire networks."

The new Andros technology in the market can also influence technology, data-enabled learnings, and an AI-powered process to help the clients execute national credentialing requirements with less than two people and in less than seven days. It is done by addressing a significant component of healthcare administration. Furthermore, the platform also provides clients with a streamlined and transparent tool to build, expand, and manage complicated networks of providers. In the past few months, the company has also utilized its expertise to complete the development of structure in 35 states.

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