DataLink Launches EvokeCorr Platform in Collaboration with Armor...

DataLink Launches EvokeCorr Platform in Collaboration with Armor Correctional Health Services

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The data analytics platform will enable the healthcare providers in correctional facilities to enhance their healthcare services for the inmates.

FREMONT, CA: The correctional facilities across the US, including jails, and federal and state prisons, house over 1.3 million individuals. The healthcare of the inmates is the integral responsibility of correctional management. Although health services in correctional facilities have witnessed significant improvement over the years, it is not yet up to the mark. Often, the discussions regarding health policies and healthcare reforms neglect healthcare offerings in correctional facilities.

To alleviate the issue, a premier healthcare technology company, DataLink Software recently partnered with Armor Correctional Health Services to deliver a robust population health platform—EvokeCorr—for correctional facilities. The EvokeCorr solution is designed to equip healthcare providers in the correctional facilities with critical components, including clinical documentation, appointments, assessments, and referrals to ensure optimal quality of healthcare.

EvokeCorr augments DataLink’s suite of offerings, including value-based solutions for health plans, MSOs, ACOs, and IPAs. The EvokeCorr solution equips the correctional facilities with a single-source solution designed to provide real-time aggregation, health assessment, facility care, and billing details.

The solution extends the reach of DataLink’s robust offerings to patients in correctional facilities. The collaboration with Armor Correctional Health Services bolsters DataLink’s goal to enhance the quality of patient care in all settings.

DataLink empowers healthcare organizations to enhance their health services through its real-time data aggregation from disparate sources and systems, facilitating a value-based performance transformation and management that simplifies the healthcare journey by promoting intelligent point-of-care solutions for provider types across multiple settings. The company intelligently enables care, illuminates tactics, aligns partners, and facilitates better health.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, the healthcare technology company empowers healthcare organizations with real-time data and analytics that prioritize and simplify the sophistication involved in quality, risk adjustment, care planning, and pathway implementation. Also, it offers a holistic view of patients with its actionable insights, enabling informed decision making at the point of care.

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