DeWitt Hospital Adopts Azalea Health EHR

DeWitt Hospital Adopts Azalea Health EHR

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, September 11, 2020

As cases increased in DeWitt's corner of Arkansas, the hospital underwent a digital transformation while testing hundreds for COVID-19 every day.

FREMONT, CA: Azalea Health is a leading provider of cloud-based patient management and health IT solutions, announces today that DeWitt Hospital, which serves Southeast Arkansas, successfully implemented the Azaleas EHR platform this year. The EHR system integrates the revenue cycle management (RCM), health information exchange (HIE), and telehealth under one patient, one record EHR platform. This digital transformation has supported DeWitt to secure their revenue, expand their reach, and rise to the challenges of the COVID-19.

"The pandemic has challenged rural hospitals like never before," says DeWitt Hospital CEO Brian Miller. "However, I’m incredibly proud of the resilience, ingenuity, and compassion for patients that our team has shown through it all. Azalea has been a big help along the way, providing us with the health IT infrastructure to adapt to this new normal and enabling us to come out of this even stronger and more equipped to care for our community."

As COVID-19 cases increased in Arkansas, DeWitt became one of the only providers authorized to carry out the testing in their community. Thanks to the efficiency profits and cloud data storage of their new EHR system, DeWitt has been able to conduct more tests and share results faster, helping regional employers like a local fertilizer plant test all of their employees, symptomatic or not.

Thanks to the API-enabled interoperability of Azaleas EHR, DeWitt was also able to connect to the SHARE statewide HIE. The free flow of the patient data between health systems is especially critical now, both for tracking COVID-19 outbreaks and for ensuring the medical data of patients travel with them when they are transferred between hospitals, which frequently happens in rural areas where hospital capacity is limited.

"Were proud to support DeWitt Hospitals digital transformation as they support the health of their community during this challenging time," says Baha Zeidan, CEO of Azalea Health. "Small hospitals like DeWitt are the beating heart of the rural communities they serve, and we built our health IT solutions with their needs in mind, with a SaaS model that makes all our solutions quick to deploy and intuitive to use. At Azalea, were committed to closing the digital divide so every hospital can reap the benefits of a cloud-based, interoperable EHR system."

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