Digipharm Announces Joint Cooperation with Government of Pakistan

Digipharm Announces Joint Cooperation with Government of Pakistan

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Ahmed Abdulla, Founder/CEO, Digipharm

Digipharm trumpets cooperation with the Government of Pakistan's Social Healthcare Fund using blockchain-based platforms.

FREMONT, CA: Digipharm recently announces its joint cooperation with the Government of Pakistan for the digitalization of operations related to healthcare financial assistance for citizens and the optimization of healthcare investments under the National Social Safety Division's management, Bait-Ul-Mal.

This is the interesting deal that will kick start the digitalization of end-to-end financial operations and procurement activities, accelerating the delivery of help to poorer patients that depend on governmental assistance to get healthcare services and technologies where 90m patients are presently eligible.

Digipharm will deploy its blockchain-based software solutions for value-based healthcare management, patient engagement, and procurement to implement all-encompassing Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) capability. Besides, the strategic partnership will attain the objectives of saving the Government of Pakistan money by enhancing healthcare resource allocation, accelerating access to high-cost therapies, and explore avenues for utilizing Digipharms' digital currency (DPH) to incentivize patient engagement.

This is a significant moment for anybody connected with Digipharm, the Government of Pakistan, and most essentially, patients and individuals we seek to serve. Using innovative technology to overcome some of humanity's grand hurdles can only inspire other regions and organizations worldwide. The company aims to make this implementation and operate with the Government of Pakistan's Bait-Ul-Mal a beacon of advancement that many can learn and benefit for the significant-good of all healthcare stakeholders in Pakistan and the world.

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