Digitalizing the Health Platform with SnapMD's Virtual Care Mobile...

Digitalizing the Health Platform with SnapMD's Virtual Care Mobile App 2.0

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 11, 2019

Dave Skibinski, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Virtual care provided by enabling application that is user-friendly to users with easy functioning interface.

FREMONT, CA: SnapMD, a leading enterprise–level Virtual Care Management (VCM) and a telehealth platform, have launched Virtual Care mobile app 2.0. The redesigned platform that is completely built on a new foundation provides additional upgrades to the multilingual app including a new Software Development Kit (SDK), along with usability in both iOS and Android sets alike.

The mobile app 2.0 with SDK perform advanced enhancement for telehealth experience, intensified video functionality and expanded branding options for a better user experience.

“The 2.0 enhancements to the Virtual Care app is designed to improve engagement during digital exam room interactions with easy-to-use functionalities, better navigation and increased brand recognition for providers,” mentioned George Tierney, co-founder, and COO of SnapMD.

Along with the Virtual Care App, the partner hospitals, health systems, and provider practices now have the ability to embed modules from SnapMD’s SDK and Application Program Interface (API). SnapMD provides a customizable intake form for both VCM web and Mobile users. Using a new software admin tool, forms can tailor the admission process to their specific needs. It also customizes and informs the provider's various matters including, allergies, payment, specialty care, medication use, insurance and more.

“We understand the importance of the trusted patient-to-provider relationship, therefore, we built the app to be fully white-labeled with all the functionalities needed to increase access to care, and impact lowering costs for both patients and providers,” Tierney added.

2.0 mobile app has distinguished features that enable expanded virtual encounters, functionalities, and a more flexible video interface. For more enhanced video content, participants can swap the primary user video feed, as well as change the feed layout of the video encounter. SnapMD has also included guest video feeds that allow up to six participants including patient to join digital exam room.

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