Disrupting the Diagnostics Industry with Newer Capabilities in...

Disrupting the Diagnostics Industry with Newer Capabilities in Medical Imaging

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 07, 2019

With the continuous improvements and advancements in medical imaging, the industry has witnessed growth in diagnostics. This trend has only progressed. The explosion of digital space has opened new opportunities for companies in the pharmaceutical industries. MRI and CT have historically relied on the human eye to analyze and identify whether a patient needed treatment or not; however, all this has changed due to advancements in medical imaging.

Advancements in medical imaging technology and the approach to handling complex operations have drastically changed. Medical imaging also popularly known as diagnostic imaging has been benefited with advancements in imaging technology, which has helped doctors to identify the diseases which were earlier impossible, which has helped patients overall. Prevention is better than cure; advancements in imaging technology do certainly help to detect a potential threat in the human body. Verily and Google have collaborated to develop AI software that can predict the risk of cardiovascular disease by analyzing retinal fundus images. AI software can identify risk factors, and also generate attention maps which are less invasive and more cost-effective in contrast to the current tests. The collaboration has opened new frontiers in preventative care.

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Furthermore, improvements in computer vision and reinforcement learning have increased the capabilities to process information which were earlier the domain of professionally trained radiologists and physicians. Both robots and AI/ML are taking over the role which was the domains of the select few. In hindsight technology certainly breaks class dominance. For instance, dermatologist, radiologists, and physicians who previously possessed monopoly are now facing increasing pressure with the advancements in medical imaging. They too are coming to terms with advancements in medical imaging technology. Improvements in the techniques can help companies’ executives to be more reflective about the data, which can help them chalk new marketing strategies.

The advancements in medical imaging have reduced the time and cost in diagnostic. It is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence can outperform humans in medical imaging. Vendors that offer vision services and AI medical imaging for analysis and prediction are picking the interest of the hospitals and public institutions. This trend will continue to dominate the industry for the coming years.

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