Do You Want To Become A Pharmacist In Informatics?

Do You Want To Become A Pharmacist In Informatics?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, May 24, 2021

By drawing on both computer science and medical knowledge, pharmacy informatics is taking the healthcare informatics field to a new level.

FREMONT, CA: Informatics in the healthcare industry is used to organize and process data, which brings efficiency and convenience to the health care industry, especially when it comes to the tracking and management of pharmaceuticals. The digitization of the various pharmacy management processes and procedures have set forth a rising demand in new opportunities. With the development of the pharmacy and by general the healthcare industry, businesses are looking for new type of specialists that can handle such information outflow.

Here are some pharmacy career opportunities in informatics:

Pharmacy Informaticist 

A pharmacy informaticist is also a pharmaceutical technology expert. To improve patient care and streamline the services of pharmacy, these professionals specialize in the use and development of management systems and electronic tools. The capabilities needed for this job include leadership, analytical skills, systems management, and technical skills. The salary they get averages around $125,000 a year, with a range of $104,000 to $147,000.

Pharmacy Informatics Technician

The main work of pharmacy informatics technicians is to handle the maintenance of the technology systems used in pharmacies and perform the bulk of data entry duties. They have some other pharmacy technician responsibilities as well, such as medication dispensing. They get average to pay $29,276 a year, which breaks down to a little over $12 an hour.

Drug Safety Specialist

The role of drug safety specialist is to monitor drug safety for their employer. They have to create medical reports for FDA approval, safety regulation promotion, drug tracking, and auditing. Drug safety specialist salaries average $80,079 per year within a range of $49,000 to $101,000. The skills needed to perform this duty include attention to detail, database maintenance to handle record-keeping, computer savvy for data entry and report generation, and interpersonal skills.

Clinical Data Analyst

Clinical data analyst is another potential position for professionals interested in becoming a pharmacist. These people ensure that is the pharmacy data is used effectively or not. They also have the authority to modify systems to increase efficiency and often develop the programs used to process incoming data. The average salary of a clinical data analyst is $67,377.

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