Dolbey's New 'Fusion Reclaim' Manages Claim Denial Process

Dolbey's New 'Fusion Reclaim' Manages Claim Denial Process

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Fusion Reclaim will help to enhance healthcare productivity by improving documentation, patient care, and smooth management of claim denial process.

FREMONT, CA: When a healthcare provider submits a billing claim to a payor, and the payor refuses it, a series of events must occur, which is time-consuming and costly for many. Denial management costs hospitals hundreds of billions of dollars across the country, with approximately one out of every ten claims being refused. Denials can cause significant stress in the revenue cycle if they are not appropriately handled.

Fusion Reclaim, a Dolbey denial management module, supports and tracks the entire claim denial process. Fusion Reclaim ingests the payor's denial and assists in determining the reason for the denial as well as categorizing and queuing the denials for evaluation by hospital staff. Fusion Reclaim supports the submission of the reply by keeping track of its development and status. Throughout the process, reporting is provided, as well as AI-assisted intelligence to monitor future claims to avoid denials and highlight areas for billing and revenue cycle personnel to learn more about.

Fusion Reclaim can be added to Dolbey's award-winning, #1 Best in KLAS computer-assisted coding software, Fusion CAC. Matt Turner, National Account Manager for Dolbey states, "We are excited to extend Dolbey's offering further into the revenue cycle process with the release of Fusion Reclaim. New and existing customers alike will find Dolbey's solution unmatched in the industry with one platform that encompasses clinical documentation improvement (CDI), computer-assisted coding (CAC), audit tools and now denial management."

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