DoseID's First-of-Its-Kind Consortium to Establish Standards for...

DoseID's First-of-Its-Kind Consortium to Establish Standards for RFID Use in Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 26, 2020

By providing players throughout the supply chain a method for RFID standardization, DoseID certification ensures optimized performance for end-users and industry participants.

FREMONT, CA: DoseID launches the first member-driven industry consortium for the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in the healthcare space. DoseID provides best practices for using serialized, RFID-tagged medications to improve the quality, performance, and interoperability of tagged drug products as they move through the pharmacy supply chain across all of the existing systems and software supporting the medication use process.

The DoseID RFID tag certification will be provisioned by Auburn University RFID Lab’s ARC Program. DoseID brings industry participants together in a way that ensures RFID tagged drugs work in all downstream IT systems in healthcare facilities. The company is opening avenues for interoperability, performance, and tracking of medication use so that any industry participant has access to reliable information on each medication dose.

The ARC RFID Lab is a popular research institute specializing in the business case and technical deployment of RFID in various fields. It has worked with industry groups representing some of the largest users of RFID technology. It has also served as a third-party RFID certification body for the industry, establishing performance and quality specifications.

To develop this platform DoseID consortium is joining hands with ARC RFID Lab. RFID standards will offer a framework for a seamless clinical experience, giving better patient safety. ARC makes sure that parties not only meet the certification needs but also meet the needs of industry players, improving ongoing quality. Medications tagged with DoseID-certified RFID labels will be available to all automation vendors that wish to use the DoseID standard for finding drug provenance. This assures items that are understood by all parties.

DoseID is a more comprehensive answer to the calls for supply chain modernization. As companies incorporate RFID tags on external packaging or within the drug delivery, it is vital that RFID technology works reliably to all participants so they can consistently access existing standards data and the medication history. With DoseID, all tagged doses can be identified in all of the relevant systems bringing interoperability to RFID across the health system. When properly configured, RFID medication tracking systems can help solve the problems that plague the supply chain, including shortages, recalls, and diversion, while reducing integration headaches.

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