Dr. Chad Burkhart Joins UniDoc's Advisory Board

Dr. Chad Burkhart Joins UniDoc's Advisory Board

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, January 21, 2022

UniDoc will be assisted by Dr. Chad Burkhart, a proven leader with over 20 years of experience, in unlocking the benefits of telehealth for public healthcare.

Fremont, CA: "We are delighted to have Dr. Burkhart join with us at this critical juncture of our enterprise. We have a very busy agenda ahead and I can state plainly that we sincerely appreciate his interest and passion for the advancement of modern telehealth solutions," UniDoc's CEO, Antonio Baldasarre, states. UniDoc Health Corp, a pioneer in the telehealth industry, has appointed Dr. Chad Burkhart, MD, CCFP, to its Advisory Board, effective immediately.

UniDoc is a virtual health/telemedicine solutions company that is working on its own Virtual Care Solutions Model, a customizable and comprehensive telehealth solution that combines a variety of physical products, web-based services, and analytical tools, as well as access to the company's growing network of healthcare providers, pharmacies, and hospitals. In order to fulfill its purpose, the UniDoc Board of Directors has committed to hiring accomplished professionals with extensive expertise in the business, finance, medical, and technology sectors. UniDoc receives access to both practical and experiential skills as well as industry relationships that are beneficial to prudent growth and long-term business sustainability through the use of this chosen group of advisers.

Dr. Burkhart has been working in the burgeoning field of telemedicine as the Chief Medical Officer of two telemedicine enterprises since 2013. His approach has allowed him to reach patients in underserved communities across Canada, reducing the strain on local healthcare resources. He has also worked with physician governing bodies and provincial health ministries to clarify existing policies and implement new regulations for telemedicine health care models, as well as identified clinical integration and care opportunities in collaboration with pharmacies, long-term care facilities, indigenous groups, and industry.

“His efforts within the medical profession, intergovernmental relations, and past commercial experiences in the sector ideally position him as a major asset to our team. We look forward to working together to help unlock the value of telehealth in what we view as perhaps the most important adjunct to public healthcare in decades.” adds Antonio.

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