DrChrono and Solv Work Together to Improve Patient Experience

DrChrono and Solv Work Together to Improve Patient Experience

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 21, 2022

Together, DrChrono and Solv offer a comprehensive solution to improve patient satisfaction

FREMONT, CA: “We are excited to bring Solv into our Partner Marketplace," states Daniel Kivatinos, Co-Founder and Co-President of DrChrono. DrChrono, an EverHealth® solution developing a critical platform and services for modern medical practices, has partnered with Solv, an app that provides on-demand healthcare, equipping providers with the technology necessary to improve patient access to high-quality care, virtually or in person. The integration's ultimate goal is to create a straightforward, welcoming, and transparent experience that improves patient access and happiness while facilitating the convenient online booking.

"For patients looking for a convenient way to schedule same-day appointments online, its proven to be a valuable service, especially during the pandemic, and providers using Solv can easily attract new patients and improve their workflow. It’s exactly the type of solution that tech-savvy DrChrono customers are looking for to grow their business, and keep information updated and accurate in their patients EHR," adds Kivatinos.

Solv is now available to practitioners using the DrChrono platform to attract new patients. Each month, millions of people across the United States use the Solv marketplace to locate high-quality, same-day convenient treatment, quickly book online appointments, receive appointment reminders, complete registration before the visit, and automatically submit a review following the visit.

“We are thrilled to integrate with the DrChrono platform so our providers and patients have a seamless experience,” states Daniele Farnedi, Co-founder and CTO of Solv. “Providers are looking to make healthcare visits as convenient and efficient as possible right now, both for their limited staff and their patients, and we're happy that the combined technology from Solv and DrChrono is helping to make that a reality.”

Additionally, the integration with Solv enables DrChrono provider clients to save time on intake and paperwork, optimize operational workflow, and measure data to identify bottlenecks at each stage of the patient journey.

Physician data generated in the Solv solution is instantly incorporated into the DrChrono platform's electronic health record (EHR).

“We have been long-time customers of DrChrono and Solv and are glad to see this integration to help our patients not only easily book appointments and register their information before visits, but keep all of the information updated in the DrChrono platform,” states Jacob Heywood, Operator at Corner Clinic in St. George, UT. “Our patients are used to going online for everything and expect the same ease of use and convenience from their healthcare providers. DrChrono and Solv’s solutions have simplified processes for both our patients and staff through digital, tech-forward improvements.”

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