Duality Health Starts Rapid Blockchain Innovation Cycle at Dell...

Duality Health Starts Rapid Blockchain Innovation Cycle at Dell Medical School

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 13, 2020

Clayton Saliba, CEO

Duality Health is a digital health company that specializes in identity management, has announced its membership in the philanthropic Founders Circle of Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin. They have also declared a collaboration that brings together academia, technology, and industry stakeholders to focus on blockchain and healthcare innovation. 

FREMONT, CA: This collaboration among Dell Med's Health Product Innovation team and Duality Health is a first step in establishing a sustainable Blockchain Innovation Hub. It will ultimately help in rapid and efficient problem identification and solution iterations with clinical and commercially usable Blockchain-based products in healthcare. 

The first innovation cycle is underway to recognize critical needs and develop prototype solutions using Duality's robust blockchain infrastructure, Dynamic. The Dynamic blockchain works as a highly redundant and available API framework for which to develop and host interoperable health applications.

"Dell Med provides a world-class research environment to further validate a blockchain-based approach to solving some of healthcare's biggest challenges," says Clayton Saliba, CEO, and Co-Founder of Duality. "Our passion aligns with the school's efforts to 'rethink everything', explore new possibilities, and develop novel technologies that will ultimately improve health care for all."  

Behind this announcement comes the news that Duality has acquired cornerstone investors Bandera Capital and Sapien Ventures in the company's progress pre-Seed round of investment.  

"We believe blockchain technology will be a keystone in the future of healthcare and are excited to support forward-thinking organizations like Duality and Dell Med," says Gabriel Reyna, Managing Partner at Bandera Capital.  

Duality Health is a robust startup focused on the nexus between healthcare data and blockchain technology. Duality's primary aim is to develop a highly secure and interoperable blockchain ecosystem to identify accurately, track, manage, and link health data worldwide. The company's product suite consists of Patient Identity Management, Electronic Health Data Exchange, and Practitioner Single-Sign-On. Duality's founders and employees are focused to making health care safer and more affordable to all.

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