Dura Softwares Acquisition of SecureVideoto Help Expand its...

Dura Softwares Acquisition of SecureVideoto Help Expand its Customer Footprint

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 17, 2022

SecureVideo, a producer of highly scalable SaaStelehealth solutions, has joined the Dura Software portfolio, extending Dura's healthcare services

Fremont, CA: "We are excited to welcome SecureVideo into the Dura portfolio of companies," states Paul Salisbury, CEO of Dura Software. SecureVideo, a cloud-based software firm with vast experience establishing a secure SaaStelehealth platform for the healthcare industry, has been purchased by Dura Software, a specialist in acquiring and maintaining hyper niche software products. SecureVideo is Dura Software's eighth acquisition, and it continues the company's aim of purchasing specialist software companies that solve vital business needs.

 "Jonathan Taylor and his team have created a highly scalable SaaS solution that enables a loyal group of physicians and practitioners to serve their patients safely and effectively every day. SecureVideo has a seasoned team that understands the healthcare market and how to best leverage technology to make the lives of healthcare professionals and patients easier," adds Salisbury.

SecureVideo develops a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based telehealth technology for the healthcare industry that helps companies quickly grasp their telehealth process. SecureVideo's usage increased by 30 times in 2020, requiring the company to quickly scale its operations in order to meet the rising needs of new and existing customers. SecureVideo, as a trusted healthcare partner, offers behavioral health organizations, medical groups, hospitals, physician offices, specialty healthcare organizations, and other medical organizations a flexible, dependable telehealth technology solution.

The CEO of SecureVideo, Jonathan Taylor, will lead the company as it transitions into the Dura Software portfolio of companies.

"The acquisition of SecureVideo by Dura Software will provide the resources and expertise we need to scale our product capabilities, customer support, and market reach well beyond what would have otherwise been possible," states Taylor. "With Dura's assistance, the company will be able to rapidly add important features and functionality to our world-class product, amplify our customer-first culture, and expand our customer footprint, all while maintaining the high standard of excellence we have always worked to achieve."

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