Eden Health and Convene to Take Primary Care to the Workplaces!

Eden Health and Convene to Take Primary Care to the Workplaces!

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Eden Health’s partnership with Convene will enable it to broaden its locations and deliver all-day primary care services to workplaces around the country.

FREMONT, CA: Primary care serves as the foundation of a robust healthcare system. It has been neglected when compared to other healthcare processes. However, companies such as Eden Health are trying to bring back the focus on primary care. The primary care and insurance company recently opened a new branch at 530 Fifth Avenue in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

The location lies within Convene's new flagship site. It will enable Convene employees to avail Eden Health's efficient primary care, mental healthcare, and insurance navigation services. The launch will expand the company's direct-to-employer approach to companies and workforces located in midtown Manhattan and surrounding areas.

Eden Health possesses several years of expertise in delivering enhanced primary care to employees. Its services are designed to promote health can wellbeing at the workplace. The company integrates local, in-person primary, and mental healthcare to provide all-day virtual care. The dedicated Care Team of Eden Health comprises of best-in-class doctors, clinicians, and insurance experts determined to deliver simplified, coordinated, and compassionate healthcare experience.

Primary care is vital for healthcare. However, the focus on high-quality primary care has declined over the years. Currently, primary care appointment comes with an 18 day wait period, as a result of which, many fail to avail primary care at the right time. Eden Health has successfully integrated around the clock virtual care with members-only on-site and near-site locations to provide easy access to their Care Team.

Eden Health has emerged as a robust, tech-enabled alternative to traditional primary care solutions, with a broad client pool, including Harry's, Emigrant Bank, Newscred, Yext, and Stack Overflow. Eden Health has equipped their workforces with mobile apps to access the Care Team, which offers around the clock digital care, same-day in-person care at their medical office, mental healthcare, and insurance navigation.

Eden Health provides location on-site and near workplaces for members, cutting the long waiting periods for primary care. It also offers easy insurance navigation and direct access to its clinicians and behavioral health providers, alleviating healthcare management obstacles.

The launch of Eden Health at 530 Fifth Avenue is the first of over 25 locations which will be unveiled in partnership with Convene, the leading flexible workspace and amenity services partner to Class A landlords. The partnership shows the companies' commitment to delivering flexible, on-demand healthcare service models for employees.

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