eDiscovery Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry

eDiscovery Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 18, 2019

Healthcare privacy is taken into serious consideration by any legal body. According to HITECH and HIPAA, the confidentiality and security of health information being handled without any violation. As the penalties are increased under HITECH up to $2500,000 from $25,000 per incident. HIPAA and HITECH make sure that any uncorrected violation is not repeated extending to $1.5 million.

MDL (Multi-District Litigation) piles up the healthcare data and information quickly. The main thing about data is its storage system. The files are compounded with complex proprietary databases or atypical formats requiring tailored solutions to review in the same format as traditional files (old).  Such activities lead to e-Discovery platforms which set up natural custodian questionnaire process. If proper pre-planning measures are not taken, it leads to increased costs.

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eDiscovery trends are evolving in healthcare management industries. EMRs are currently challenging both legal and healthcare communities. The inherent issues being addressed are as to what needs be known?, Where does EMR reside data?, how is the EMR information being altered?, what steps should be taken to protect and preserve EMR data?. The challenges are dealt with AI-enabled IoT devices and networks.

Standard care and EMR hosting record the individual data practices making it easier for a broader perspective in the healthcare industry. Dynamic documents, chart and communication information, audit trail via metadata, dropdown menus, mouseovers, and scroll boxes and pop up info are few evolved e-Discoveries to name some. According to a source, in 2006 ESI (Electronically Stored Information) was introduced into amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, making a revolutionary step back then.

The frequency of litigation and Record retention requirements aren’t as severe in some other industries making it a challenge for mitigating healthcare management.  Many healthcare companies may b involved in federal investigations, in addition to litigation. It's essential to have the right and trust legal advisors to guide and help in concerned legal affairs of healthcare services and management.

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