EHR Capabilities Impact Patient Satisfaction Levels, Report Finds

EHR Capabilities Impact Patient Satisfaction Levels, Report Finds

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Electronic Health Record is the first step towards the transformation of the healthcare industry as it has aided in improving the quality and safety of patients. The adoption of EHR has helped in reducing medical errors and has enabled better documentation.

According to a survey by Black Book industry, 89% consumers under 40 years disclosed that they are not satisfied with the technical capabilities of the healthcare organizations whereas 84% admitted that they are happy as they are seeking the most technologically advanced and electronically communicative healthcare alternatives.

“Involvement with healthcare consumers through technologies is proving to be a significant element of patient satisfaction," said Doug Brown, managing partner of Black Book Research. "Healthcare consumers more frequently interact through electronic media in 2018, and while they value contact with their providers, they don't have the patience for lacks in hospital interoperability, incorrect billing, and access to scheduling and results."

The report read that youngsters had higher desires and communicated a more prominent level of disappointment with their inpatient supplier encounter where medical records (92 percent disappointed) and telehealth (85 percent dissatisfied) alternatives are not offered. 

"Patients expect and want to interact more with hospitals through digital channels like email, apps and social media rather than interacting on a traditionally personal level with clinical and financial back office staff. The revenue cycle management channel of healthcare IT systems had the lowest positive experience. Hospitals are taking steps to improve it, but they have a way to go," said Brown.

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