EHR Platform for Effective Patient Care

EHR Platform for Effective Patient Care

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, March 18, 2019

The growing demand to leverage technology in the healthcare sector has compelled service providers to spare thought to revamp the existing structures, and EHR or electronic health record has turned in to a vital weapon to smartly maintain the flow of patients, as the previous paper-based works were time-consuming, complicated, and prone to several errors.

BridgePoint Healthcare provides intensive care to medically complicated patients leveraging advanced technology and groups of specialized physicians and caregivers which includes nurses, nutritionists, and diverse therapists, and amidst all these paraphernalia, the implementation of EHR has become necessary.  The company has decided to leverage HCS Interactant as the EHR platform to provide more improved service to its patients.

HCS Interactant is an integrated platform meditated at making a proper balance between improved healthcare service and business offering a plethora of cares, and facilitating the process of selecting the right healthcare software.

This unique and innovative platform ensures the automation of workflow providing the users with the opportunity to make customization according to their convenience, and it leverages centralized information to ensure more effective decision making and care planning. The Interactant Mobile module is another essential platform which enables remote access.

BridgePoint's selection of Interactant as the EHR platform will empower it to optimize the workflow and operational efficiency, as this innovative platform amalgamates the LTCH Care Data Set with EMR, and leveraging this platform Bridgepoint will have a comprehensive view of trends going on across their hospitals to implement learned decisions about their business. One of the most critical aspects about Interactant is that it is built upon proven hardware and IBM Power Servers which offers trusted security and performance. This integration of reliable software and hardware architecture will empower BridgePoint to lead their service to a different level of modernization.

In the ensuing years, EHR will have exponential growth within the circle of the healthcare sector, as this not only allows the providers to manage individual patient’s health during the care; instead, it facilitates the future diagnosis and care plans. Previously, a survey was done by Deloitte which showed that 62 percent of physicians cherish the notion of enhancing interoperability of these systems.

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