Embrace the Era of Patient-Centered Care

Embrace the Era of Patient-Centered Care

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Patient Experience Exchange Connects Patient Journey Caregivers to Solutions

New York, NY:  Customer Management Practice, a division of IQPC,is proud to unveil a new and exciting Patient Experience Exchange this March 25-27.  The Exchange is an invitation-only event that hosts Senior Level Executives from all Healthcare verticals for two and a half days of true peer-to-peer networking, benchmarking and match making. Our guests will be exposed to timely, tangible and honest discussions to help draw conclusions on how to re-invent PX strategy and tactics in their own organizations.  Executives must meet qualifying criteria inclusive of strategic development and oversight, active projects within the next 24 months, and control or direct influence of the PX budget.

Patient Experience Officers assume a unique role in the experience economy. The face-to-face and emotional nature of healthcare requires patient journeys to be handled with care. For that reason, facilitating new ideas and technologies that monitor and respond appropriately to every touch point on the patient’s journey is paramount. At the end of the day, PX all is about relationships. “For Patient Experience, we believe that the human experience and building relationships is at the core of our work. To facilitate collaboration, you must start with building relationships and then focus everything we do on improving care for the patient. We cannot lose sight of this.” says Pam Prissel, Director of Patient Experience at Mayo Clinic System and featured keynote speaker at PX Exchange.

The opportunity to meet with PX peers facing the same challenges as you will help you in building out PX strategy that will stand the test of transformation.   Jason Dupuis of PM Pediatrics:  “I’m really impressed with the PX leaders that are going to be there and their experience.  Events like these help to start breaking down silos through candid conversations about PX realities.  We all have a chance to discuss things together, build relationships, and just maybe start collaborating across all patient journey touchpoints.”  Join us at PX Exchange this March.  Patient experience starts here!

About CMP: Customer Management Practice is the analyst, advisor and industry network that helps companies turn customers into raving fans.The mission of the Customer Management Practice is to create unparalleled growth opportunities tailored specifically for the customer management sector. We strive to deliver a seamless, yet exceptional customer interaction for our practitioners and solution providers alike through our multi-platform approach. The goal: exceed the growing expectations of today's experience driven economy by generating unforgettable professional development experiences that simply can’t be ignored.

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