eMids Survey Highlights The Role of Digital Transformation in...

eMids Survey Highlights The Role of Digital Transformation in Healthcare Services

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 18, 2019

According to a survey by emids on healthcare-only digital transformation readiness, seventy-eight percent of the healthcare enterprises have accepted that their digital initiative is failing. An internal barrier was cited as one of the biggest barrier to digital transformation by fifty-seven percent of the respondents. emids is a Nashville based healthcare technology expertise and consulting service provider. The company helps the healthcare companies to provide accessible, affordable, and efficient services with its advisory consulting services, custom application development, and data solutions.

The survey, which was commissioned by the Everest group of research, is based on the Everest Group Pinnacle Model’s analysis and assessment. The survey also reveals that the companies which have embedded digital platform in their workforce are leaps and bounds ahead of their less digitally active compatriots. Abhishek Singh, vice president of the Everest Group of research says, “The results of this survey have been stunning. Industries have always conflated digital and IT transformation.” He further added that “The idea that discrete objective functions should drive them is a clarion call from healthcare executives participating in this study. Digital is primarily centered on business goals - patient experience, membership growth, or revenue maximization - largely (if not entirely) led by technology. IT transformation is one step that enables this 'digital' goal."

The survey found that the healthcare industry is way behind other industries in transforming their business through technology. However, the result of the survey shows that senior executives in healthcare companies are warming up to the fact that the use of technology will be able to break barriers of business friction and enable data-driven collaboration. Saurabh Sinha, founder and CEO of emids says, “There’s a growing awareness among healthcare organizations that digital technology is an enterprise-wide business mindset and not just a series of siloed digital projects and pilots.” He further added that the companies need an appropriate design if they want to impact cost.

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