Emphasizing the Role of Truth in Healthcare

Emphasizing the Role of Truth in Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

With the rapid evolution of technology, the means of communication have been increasing as well. Those days are long gone when brands would choose just one advertising channel for their product marketing. Similarly, physicians face the same issues while shuffling between patients and reports, and educating themselves on new medicines and thus rely on the old ways of communication. To catch the attention of the target audience, it’s important that they are viewed as people and not consumers. Understanding them empathetically can only be built by trust and truth. McCann follows the same philosophy and has been on a perpetual pursuit for truth. They call it the “Truth Well Told”—to find the human truth and use it to change behavior. And the importance of this truth is growing in the healthcare marketing communication sector where each life is dependent on every decision made.

The three key aspects of behavior-altering communication are connectivity, context, and experience. Healthcare communication’s basis relies on facts, and marketers assume that people will make factually right decisions. But people being emotional beings, need help with resolving conflicts for anyone to become relevant to them. Understanding that doctors are also consumers of medical and non-medical communication and empathizing with their context makes people relevant to them. While engagement is an essential part of communicating with consumers, experience matters to brands, as they want the people to perceive them from their perspective. Although science plays a huge role in healthcare, it’s also necessary to pay attention to the truth behind a person’s behavior. Only caring for the truth will make caring simpler.

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