Employer Direct Healthcare Partners with Jadex

Employer Direct Healthcare Partners with Jadex

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Employer Direct Healthcare announces collaboration with Jadex Inc. to offer the SurgeryPlusTM benefit.

FREMONT, CA: Employer Direct Healthcare is pleased to announce its new collaboration with Jadex Inc. Jadex began offering the SurgeryPlusTM benefit of Employer Direct Healthcare on January 1, 2021, which is an added advantage providing surgical concierge services with a focus on quality treatment, reduced costs, and improved member experience.

For over 1,400 non-emergent operations, the approximately 2,500 participants enrolled in Jadex's health plan would have access to the SurgeryPlusTM advantage of the full-service health care concierge. Members will be partnered with their dedicated Treatment Advocate should they want to use the SurgeryPlusTM benefit.

Their Care Advocate would support them with everything from their choice of a physician to scheduling appointments, transferring medical records, and coordinating travel, reducing the stress and frustration frequently related to medical care planning. As a bonus, Jadex will waive member deductible and coinsurance responsibilities when participants decide to use a participating surgeon via the SurgeryPlusTM benefits.

John Zutter, CEO of Employer Direct Healthcare, said that they are delighted to collaborate with Jadex as part of their plan to provide their workers and their dependents with superior health benefits. At SurgeryPlus, they direct the clients and their dependents across the health system, focusing on ensuring access at affordable rates to top-quality surgical treatment. They are assured that the global, elite provider network will deliver the high-quality care the members at Jadex expect.

Employer Direct Healthcare offers high-quality and cost-effective options for self-funded employers and their members as a market-leading health care services provider. The corporate core product, the SurgeryPlusTM benefit, offers nearly two million covered members with full-service surgical concierge and network services. The business helps members access reliable manufacturers, allowing employers and their plan participants to reduce surgical costs while supplying members with satisfying results significantly.

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