Empowering Health Information Seekers with Geo-Targeting Tool

Empowering Health Information Seekers with Geo-Targeting Tool

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 19, 2019

Matt Villa, VP of Ad Sales

The amalgamation of area targeting, therapeutic category, and in-content placements has provided a sophisticated tool for healthcare marketers. 

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to finding a therapeutic organization and discovering the extension of its services in a specific location, the topological maps ingrained on the internet fail to project and pin-point the exact information to the patients. In addition to the colluded markings, the patients are left with no choice but to sift through the entire city in search for their healthcare providers. On the flip side, scarce marketing and incommunicative advertisement by healthcare providers also complicate the exploration process. 

Taking matters into their own hands, Tap Native, a native wellness advertiser, and medical content marketing service provider released a sophisticated geo-targeting functionality that enables digital healthcare marketers to generate geographical footprints reflecting on the coverage area of their enterprise. The new feature allows users to detect therapeutic organizations with location-based targeted advertisements accurately.   

With regard to the launch of the geo-targeting platform, Matt Villa, VP of Ad Sales at Tap Native stated, "Healthcare service providers of all types can now engage with audiences while they are consuming content across hundreds of popular health sites within their geographic footprint. By combining geo-targeting with our therapeutic content targeting, advertisers can now reach in-market health users while they're consuming specific health topics like diabetes, psoriasis, weight loss, eye care, cancer treatment or joint replacement and focus in their geographic footprints. We can even target pollen maps for allergy treatments, use CDC information to market flu medication in high outbreak areas, or mimic the footprint of a major health system."

By the custom geo-targeted marketing campaign around healthcare headquarters, the new platform will allow the larger single location healthcare providers like gyms, orthodontists, and local physical offices to mark their designated functional radius. Furthermore, operators with multiple service locations, like medical facilities or healthcare systems, can construct highly intricate custom footprints using an embedded navigation interface. With uploading street names or postal codes, Tap Native's geo-targeting platform will also provide the users with a panoramic overview of clinical services around their residing regions.

Presently, when the U.S. healthcare providers including clinics and wellness technologies are primarily concentrated on local distribution, which includes increasing their therapy impact and market share and continuing their efforts to enhance payer negotiation, the integration of Tap Native's geo-targeting platform will help them achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. 

Additionally, Tap Native’s combined location targeting and therapeutic category services will help to improve payer negotiation, increase reimbursement prices, strengthen health results, and more efficiently handle danger.  Tap Native can formulate a structural network with leading health-focused advertisers for targeting customers and healthcare professionals on the computer, tablet, and mobile devices. Moreover, by prioritizing the advertisements in particular health subjects, Tap Native will enable the therapeutic providers to select and choose customers based on monitoring functional regions from the country, state, city or zip codes search data.  

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