Enhanced Patient Experiences across the Healthcare Continuum with...

Enhanced Patient Experiences across the Healthcare Continuum with Advanced Tech Solutions

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 19, 2019

In the era of digital health, the key to efficient healthcare delivery is to personalize patient engagement and simplify access to health and wellness facilities. 

FREMONT, CA: Radix Health, state-of-the-art patient access, and patient experience technology provider, has partnered with SphereCommerce, LLC, the leading end-to-end provider of integrated payment. SphereCommerce backs Radix Health's patient intake solution, DASH, with safe online payment handling technology.  

DASH platform helps doctors and healthcare providers to interact with more of their patients, enhance the experience of care administration, and maintain and strengthen the important relationship between doctor and patient. This platform is also designed to assist the practice of tiny to medium-sized healthcare sees more of their clients in the community while at the same time, improving the quality of a patient's visit with their doctor. DASH fulfills the preferences of the supplier; this means agents can be trained more quickly, and any agent can help any supplier; when trained, agents are more active on calls that reduce holding and handling times and improve patient access.

Medical care product innovators, payers, suppliers, and policymakers have various incentives and are aligned to help decrease complexity. Some progress towards inclusion, focusing on controlling the health of defined communities, has been produced. Healthcare organizations around the globe are facing a range of strategic problems in pricing pressure, healthcare reform, patient check-ins, discharge flows, cost reduction, payment problems, compliance problems, and research problems, in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, or diagnostics ecosystems. Radix Health addresses these problems by providing the healthcare industry with an innovative DASH platform.

DASH solution suite helps medical organizations, health centers, and health systems to see their patients more quickly; DASH solution allows integrated patient consumption so that patients can finish registration before they arrive to see their supplier. Patients will now be able to pay their copay or balance straight from their mobile phone.

Furthermore, most caregivers face time constraint difficulties for effective patient interaction processes in today's healthcare setting. With growing use in mobility and smartphones in the healthcare sector, medical organizations are using automated technology—notifications via SMS and emails to improve intensive patient care at all levels—pre and post-discharge admissions. For its potential, Radix Health organization has created DASHconnect platform to assist software developers in building and integrating safe messaging capacities into any implementation. The exchange of patient information between healthcare groups in real-time via SMS also increases the coordination of care.

The company's main differentiating element is that it modernizes the environment for healthcare applications and helps improve competitive advantage while reducing operating costs. Going forward, Radix Health intends to concentrate more on its digital check-in solutions for patients with Dash and introduce new characteristics and solutions that can assist patients and suppliers in moving to friendly settings. By adopting technology and industry norms, Radix Health is transforming data exchange in healthcare and enhancing care service quality. Providers and payers are experiencing better patient care and better management of the revenue cycle.

Radix Health believes that patient experience begins with patient access. Data-driven solutions comply with patient demand, maximizing the current ability, and reducing care delays. The business also helps leading medical organizations to optimize every step of a patient's appointment trip-from alerting patients to needing care, helping them find the correct supplier, scheduling an appointment across various channels, and engaging with patients throughout the healthcare delivery lifecycle. 

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