Enhancing Patient Engagement with Digital Innovation

Enhancing Patient Engagement with Digital Innovation

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

A spiral of transformations is occurring in the healthcare industry, and this upheaval has been brought forth by the digital innovation. The rapid increase in mobile and wearable devices, online health information sites, and telemedicine has revolutionized the way healthcare sector operates and delivers services to consumers. Also, the proliferation of patient data is driving healthcare sector to indulge in latest digital innovation to offer improved patient engagement system and strategies.

Digital innovation in mobile and wearable devices

Mobile devices are ubiquitous and owing to that the healthcare sector is leveraging these mobile devices for better patient engagement. Patients can interact with their healthcare provider, file insurance claims, file prescriptions, and get medication reminders. Furthermore, healthcare firms are also utilizing healthcare technologies such as wearable devices and mobile applications to record information about patient visits. Wearable devices, on the other hand, not only aid healthcare firms in gathering patient data but also assist patients in monitoring their heart rate, blood pressure, and fitness regime. 

Digital innovation in patient data handling

Gathering and handling data is the biggest challenge any industry is facing right now and the same is true for the healthcare sector as well. Collecting and analyzing as much information as possible about each patient visit and interaction is pivotal for better patient engagement and the healthcare providers. Thus, healthcare providers are tapping into technologies like big data to securely maintain the data accumulated from mobile applications, online websites, and wearable devices.

Digital innovation in drug marketing

With technological innovations, new drugs are being developed, and the promotion of these drugs requires successful healthcare marketers to adopt suitable strategies to reach consumers. Reaching a large number of consumers with personalized content by employing technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) that learns from past patient behavior is one of the ways of marketing the newly developed drugs.

Introduction of healthcare technology is an excellent opportunity for both, the healthcare provider and the patient. The digital innovation keeps the medical industry informed and aware of the patient's condition and allows them to have access to consumer's data inventories. On the other hand, it enables patients to lead a healthier life by keeping them acquainted about their health on a regular basis.


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