Eon and Amazon Web Services Collaboration Advances the Pace of...

Eon and Amazon Web Services Collaboration Advances the Pace of Healthcare Technology Adoption

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, August 07, 2020

Eon, a Denver-based health tech provider, has reduced its technology implementation timeline with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to a record-breaking seven days.

FREMONT, CA: The powerful partnership is moving up the industry, which is known for its antiquated technology, and exaggerated million-dollar price tags, and painfully slow implementation timelines. Together, the companies can expedite the implementation of Eon's lung cancer screening and related discovery technology in record speed at a fraction of the cost. This is a thing that no other health tech company" large or small," has achieved.

"AWS provides the machines. Then Eon quickly powers them up. With AWS, we can scale across hospitals for low-cost efficiency and high-speed innovation. It's a powerful partnership," says Eon founder and co-CEO, Dr. Aki Alzubaidi. "Our AWS prowess has allowed us to offer 7-day implementations in a sector where quite literally no one else can."

Eon's Essential Patient Management Platform (EPM) uses proprietary data science models to partner with the hospital systems to pinpoint, track, and manage the at-risk patients. The EPM platform provides hospitals with a high-tech tool to prioritize the most vulnerable patients, who cannot wait months or even years for the technology to be implemented and adopted as well.

By leveraging AWS, Eon can integrate and be clinically viable within days, not years, and has crushed the perception that health tech must be coupled with slow implementation. The industry standard for enforcing new software is anywhere from 6 months to a few years.

To challenge the status quo, Eon decreased its implementation timeline from 12 weeks to seven days.

Alzubaidi adds, "As an Interventional Pulmonologist focused on Lung Cancer, I have seen too much suffering from catastrophic disease. What gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing Eon always moves fast to identify more disease and save more lives."

Eon believes that superior, disease-identifying technology must be pocket friendly and available for all the hospitals. Eon's partnership with AWS allows the company to offer best-in-class technology at a lesser cost.

In the future, Eon aims to reduce its implementation timeline even more.

"We hope to get to the point where we leverage AWS to reach our goal of same-day implementations in healthcare. This efficiency can save our country billions of dollars annually while providing solutions that actually improve clinical outcomes," said Dr. Alzubaidi.

For Eon, there is too much on the line to accept a broken healthcare system. With the best-in-class technology and a commitment to constant innovation, the company will continue its journey to relentlessly defy disease with the help of a robust AWS partnership.



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