Essenlix Creates World's Smallest and Easy to Use CBC Device named...

Essenlix Creates World's Smallest and Easy to Use CBC Device named iMOST-CB-

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 19, 2019

Smallest, simplest, and lowest-cost blood count device helps to find the results of one of the important lab test.

FREMONT, CA: Essenlix Corporation has announced the development of the world's smallest, simplest, and a lowest-count device named iMOST-CBC (instant mobile self-test for complete blood count).

Essenlix’s iMOST with its instant personal, mobile, health self-testing platform uses unique technology innovation. iMOST is designed in a patient-friendly platform where the users can access and perform health tests easily, quickly, accurately, and affordably anywhere, anytime. Results are acquired within 60 seconds and can be immediately sent to a healthcare professional. 

iMOST’s excellent design enables a variety of health checkups of different biomarkers in different body fluids, where the first application of iMOST will be iMOST-CBC. CBC or Complete Blood Count is one of the vital test indicating a person’s health, and one of the most common and important lab test.

iMOST-CBC composes of an iMOST Card in the size of a post-stamp, an iMOST reader which is similar to a matchbox, a smartphone for the hardware, and iMOST software. iMOST’s size is 100 times smaller than today's smallest CBC apparatus and 1,000-10,000 times smaller than desk-top and enterprise CBC instruments.

To operate iMOST, all that is needed is a finger prick for one drop of blood that directly goes to the iMOST card, which is inserted into iMOST Reader that is attached to a smartphone running the iMOST application; the results can be obtained within 60 seconds and can be forwarded to health specialists.

iMOST is created with unique technology innovations that are different from conventional methods, and unique use of nanotechnology, machine learning, and advanced biotechnology. iMOST uses Essenlix’s Intelligent Adaptive Paradigm (IAP) that allows variation in the instrument, samples, reagents, operation, and environment but still keeps te results accurate instead of using traditional Precision Protocol Paradigm which does the calculation precisely for accurate results.

To increase the speed of sample preparation and testing, iMOST uses a sample flow method, an innovative sample holder design, and a new sample morphology that is different from conventional approaches. 

For over four years of development and extensive laboratory tests and clinical trials, at present iMOST is only used for research purposes and has not yet been cleared by the FDA.

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