Essential Benefits of Using AI in EHR

Essential Benefits of Using AI in EHR

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The fast-growing digitalization has created major opportunities for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a promising domain that has positively impacted almost all the business sectors. Among those, healthcare industry is witnessing the powerful emergence of artificial intelligence. The progress of AI technology along with other advances in Electronic Health Record (EHR) is bringing new changes that shape healthcare operations. HER platforms are at the forefront of using AI within the healthcare sector. The widespread use and capability of EHR software are found in categorically storing real-time patient data, the data sets which is used by AI to make predictions and suggestions for the future. AI capabilities for EHR are expected to rapidly improve, they include:

1. Better diagnostics and treatment: The developed AI diagnostic system can diagnose and treat different diseases. The system uses historical data and patient symptoms to predict future illness. It makes EHR more intelligent by suggesting the current procedural terminology code for the identified diseases. AI-based diagnosis in future can lead to self-diagnosis tools and treatment facilities for illnesses.

2. Reduces human error: The intelligent voice assistants, a self-learning electronic health data system is able to perform the requested functions. This can save charting time and reduce human error. Longer use of the system the self-learning will provide improved, personalized experience.

3. Cost efficiency: AI-based EHR software automates the workflow of medical practices eliminating the need for additional supporting staff. Appointment scheduling, auto reminder calls, and others are factors improving medical practice workflow, hence reducing overhead expenses.

4. Improved medical imaging analysis: Medical imaging assisted with AI outperforms the manual imaging. It analyzes and combines cell structures to identify diseases and suggest treatment.

5. Improved productivity: AI-based EHR improves the productivity of medical practices by reducing the administrative complexity, clinical waste, malpractices and save the staff time by avoid doing repetitive duties.

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