EverCommerce to Hire DrChrono to Help Streamline Operations

EverCommerce to Hire DrChrono to Help Streamline Operations

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 26, 2021

Summary: EverCommerce's health offerings are expanded by acquiring a mobile-first platform geared for independent clinics.

FREMONT, CA: Patients and physicians alike are increasingly finding that the many options and prohibitive costs of converting to an EHR are overwhelming. It's becoming increasingly common for small and medium-sized medical clinics to use cloud-based EHR systems. EHRs and the capacity to exchange health information electronically can help provide patients with higher-quality, safer treatment while also benefiting your company. One of the world's leading service commerce platforms, EverCommerce, has finalized the hiring DrChrono Inc., a startup building a robust platform and services for modern medical practices. To help businesses grow, streamline operations, and boost client retention, DrChrono joins the EverCommerce suite of integrated SaaS solutions across business management.

DrChrono is now a part of EverCommerce's EverHealth product suite, which streamlines day-to-day healthcare practice operations, improves provider and administrative workflows, and modernizes patient engagement for over 72,000 customers. DrChrono's cutting-edge medical platform will be a vital alternative to EverHealth's comprehensive offerings for independent healthcare clinics.

DrChrono improves healthcare quality, accessibility, and personalization by providing an all-in-one cloud-based practice management, electronic health record, and billing solution. The medical platform serves over 4,600 independent practices and 13,000 physicians across numerous medical specialties.

Patient data is captured, tracked, and managed via EHR software. This may include demographic information about the patient, vital signs, lab orders, medicines, a problem list, laboratory results, medical and social history forms, progress notes, and referral letters. An EHR's objective is to centralize patient data, making it easier for healthcare professionals to check a patient's record before or during a visit.

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