Ezra's New Stance on Early Cancer Detection

Ezra's New Stance on Early Cancer Detection

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Ezra, the technology-steered healthcare company developing a new standard for early cancer detection, has announced the commencement of its full-body MRI scanning program. Ezra offers its members a direct-to-consumer service that accredits them to be screened for cancer, by means of a fast, accurate, and affordable MRI scan. Ezra's new full-body procedure can detect up to 13 cancers in women and 11 in men.

To make the checking of bodies for cancer as part of routine health regimen possible, Ezra is aiming to combine a better patient experience with the most advanced medical imaging technology and the latest developments in AI. The goal is to improve the tempo, precision, and affordability of cancer screening. In an attempt to make MRI-based cancer screening reasonably priced for as many people as possible, Ezra offers multiple plans and members can also pay using a no-interest payment plan in 12 monthly installments.

The American Cancer Society reckons that there will be over 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States in 2019 alone, over 600,000 of which will be fatal. Ezra's mission is to be of assistance to all these men and women by creating speedy, affordable, and non-invasive cancer program solutions.

The company has been developing innovative AI technologies that assist radiologists in identifying cancer in advance and more accurately than ever before. Ezra is a company committed to providing early cancer recognition for all by combining the most sophisticated medical imaging technology with AI. The company's new programs enable it to perform an MRI scan in a single session, and with the help of its new AI platform, radiologists could also be assisted in their workflow by facilitating them to quickly and accurately diagnose potential abnormalities anywhere in the body.

Within a few days of the scan, patients will receive detailed information about the presence or absence of any abnormalities associated with an increased risk of cancer. Physicians from Ezra will then guide the patient through the results during the post-scan call and continue provide support, if needed.

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