FairCom Announces a New Agreement with eHealth Software

FairCom Announces a New Agreement with eHealth Software

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The multimodel database enables HelloDoc eHealth solutions to have optimal performance.

FREMONT, CA: Global database technology provider FairCom announces a new agreement with eHealth software market leader Imagine Editions, a CompuGroup Medical (CGM) member. The new deal ushers in a major update of Imagine Editions' popular eHealth solution HelloDoc through FairCom DB's power.

Among the reasons that Imagine Editions selected FairCom DB is that it enables HelloDoc developers to fine-tune the embedded database to get optimal performance. Besides the benefits of speed, reliability, and developer control, a database administrator is not needed to maintain operations with FairCom DB, which benefits HelloDoc customers by reducing the total cost of ownership. HelloDoc is leveraged by more than 20,000 general practitioners and specialists working in private practices, clinics, and multidisciplinary health centers. The eHealth solution is also being heavily used during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The company's objective is to create solutions to meet all the demands placed on healthcare processes in the most efficient, secure, and optimal fashion.  To achieve that, the company must rely on a robust, mature, and fast transactional database engine.  HelloDoc users will appreciate, in particular, the power of SQL that FairCom DB offers. This latest version of HelloDoc is a significant step forward in the evolution of the medical software package. The power of SQL underlying HelloDoc, thanks to FairCom DB, means the data in the system can now be changed into the information users requirement fast. Less time searching and waiting for data results in efficiency gains and ultimately savings for the customers, not to mention healthier, happier patients.

With this agreement, FairCom has strengthened its position as a reliable database technology provider for the healthcare sector. FairCom technology is embedded in real-time perimetry systems, medical and dental office systems, and laboratory data systems. No other database firm has engineering and help teams who work as intimately and hand-in-hand with developers as we do. The company also takes pride in the fact FairCom technology has an essential role in HelloDoc, a system that is a key player in the French eHealth market.

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