FEI Systems Launches CMH Screener for Mental Health Screening

FEI Systems Launches CMH Screener for Mental Health Screening

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, January 03, 2020

The mental health screening solution will enable the providers to enhance the identification of mental health symptoms and provide more effective treatments.

FREMONT, CA: Mental health assessments and screenings are vital for identifying and treating mental ailments. To take charge of their recovery, patients need to understand their illness. By leveraging practical mental health assessment tools, doctors can collaborate with the patients to diagnose their illness. Screening tests are robust tools for health providers to understand the mental state of the patient, and find the best solutions for any problems ailing them.

In a move to empower mental health providers, FEI Systems recently developed and deployed a critical online youth mental health screening tool for the State of Idaho. The provider of behavioral health information technology solutions delivers robust IT services to the Behavioral Health Division, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The State’s network of mental health clinics, providers, and administrative services organizations such as the Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services (WITS) leverage the behavioral health electronic record management system facilitated by FEI Systems.

FEI Systems is a premier provider of health information technology solutions for Federal agencies such as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Health, and Human Services Administration, Administration for Community Living, and National Institutes of Health. FEI Systems collaborates with over 40 state and local government clients, implementing behavioral health applications, electronic health record systems, and innovative alternatives to traditional fee-for-service Medicaid programs.

The offerings have enabled the State of Idaho to enhance the process of helping families with troubled youth who might have unmet mental health needs and granting them access to robust treatment services. FEI partnered with the State of Idaho to facilitate the Idaho Children’s Mental Health (CMH) Screener. The public-facing online tool allows parents, service providers, and other stakeholders to provide mental health screening for youth, and to link families for further assessment and treatment services. The CMH Screener is designed explicitly for practitioners in non-mental health settings.

In mental health settings, the screening procedure is conducted early in the therapeutic process and comprises assessments such as measurements, appraisals, tests, and so on. Mental health assessments help in identifying symptoms and problems, forming mental health treatment plans, diagnosis, planning treatments, decision-making, identifying patient strength, examining progress, and empowering positive changes.

Based on the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tool used by the State for mental health problem assessment and treatment planning, CMH Screener addresses the primary domains of mental health, including behavioral and emotional needs, life functioning, risk behaviors and caregiver resources and needs. The CMH Screener generates a total rating, which informs providers and family regarding the need to pursue further mental health treatment options.

The screening tool has enabled the state to meet the imperative need for early identification of mental health treatment and facilitate families with further mental health treatment options. The CMH Screener has combined the two critical functions, equipping the people of Idaho with a powerful tool which represents the expertise of FEI Systems in the development of robust behavioral health clinical decision support systems.

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