Five Ways Healthcare Industry Can Use Big data and Cloud Computing

Five Ways Healthcare Industry Can Use Big data and Cloud Computing

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Healthcare industry is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate and so is the data associated with it. This data is collected through Electronic Health Records (EHRs), medical reports and patients as well. Hence this plethora of information needs to be turned into actionable medical sights. Therefore, embedding big data to the healthcare sector and housing it on cloud offers a practical solution to fix this issue.

Combining big data and cloud computing will provide a different direction to the medical models with increasing the profit of their business. Healthcare sector can have a progressive path with the involvement of cloud as they can store more information while big data analytics dig on insights related to this information. Let’s have a look at how cloud computing and big data are impacting the healthcare sector.

•   Efficient use of medical data

Information from numerous sources is collected but gets wasted as it is not utilized correctly and this is where Cloud-based big data comes into the picture. The big data revolution is bringing up more advanced methods of consolidating information from tons of sources. The main aim is to provide relevant information to the doctors in real time while they are consulting their patients.

•   Analyzing data from all the sources

With the advent of smartphones and wearables, access to data can by everywhere thereby allowing practitioners to know patients’ health condition anywhere and in a more precise manner. Some applications act like pedometers to measure the steps, calorie count, sugar and blood pressure, sleeping hours, etc. and all these are sources of data. This data can be shared with a doctor who can further provide better treatment in less time.

•   Developing personalized medicines

The day isn’t far when doctors will prescribe the medicines using the big data analytics. The data sharing between pharmaceutical giants over the cloud helps the researchers to go for the best suitable subjects. Big data is also developing personalized medicine to fight against epidemics and the unique genetic makeup.

•   Privacy and Security

Patient data is highly confidential and needs to be secured against any theft or loss. With the improved cloud technology and enablement of big data in the healthcare sector, security concerns can be dealt with prima facie.

•   Improved computing at a lower initial capital

Cloud computing is moving towards a data-driven and patient-centric industry. It stores a large amount of data and shares information with the hospital, physicians, data analysts and patients at a lower initial capital. It’s a boundary-less and flexible approach towards storing data

Therefore, incorporating cloud-based big data increases collaboration and security in a cost-effective manner.

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