FoodMarble AIRE Outperforms Gold Standard SIBO Tests in Clinical Trial

FoodMarble AIRE Outperforms Gold Standard SIBO Tests in Clinical Trial

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, July 30, 2021

Aonghus Shortt, CEO and Co-Founder, FoodMarble

The clinical product from FoodMarble has the potential to address a number of the constraints associated with the traditional SIBO breath test.

FREMONT, CA: A clinical trial involving the use of a remote monitoring gadget and software to aid clinicians in diagnosing small intestinal bacterial overgrowth finishes at one of the world's leading gastroenterology facilities. The trial, conducted by Prof. Jay Pasricha M.D. at Johns Hopkins Medicine, attempts to validate the use of FoodMarbles' portable hydrogen breath tester to aid in diagnosing SIBO. Additionally, they intend to determine whether collecting longitudinal data from real-world situations could assist in the future diagnosis of SIBO.

FoodMarble AIRE is the first personal digestive tracker in the world. FoodMarble AIRE is a commercially available personal hydrogen breath test device that links through Bluetooth to a smartphone app, offering instant results and assisting users in optimizing their diet by utilizing established clinical science but in a portable, personal gadget.

AIRE's portability enables users to collect significant volumes of essential data from the comfort of their own homes. Digital health and data collection have the potential to aid physicians in diagnosing, treating, and managing a patient's health.

SIBO is a widespread disease in which there are abnormally high levels of bacteria in the small intestine. Colonic fermentation is a normal part of the digestive process; however, in patients with SIBO, these errant bacteria begin rapidly fermenting the contents of the most recently consumed meal. As a result, various debilitating symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, irregular bowel motions, and nausea occur. SIBO's true prevalence in the general population is uncertain, with some research estimates that it affects up to 15 percent of healthy adults. Additionally, it is strongly related to other prevalent clinical diseases, including irritable bowel syndrome, where between 40 percent and 80 percent of patients with IBS have SIBO.

Robert Ganz, MD, clinical advisor to FoodMarble, states, “The COVID pandemic has emphasized the need to adopt innovative tools to maintain important patient testing. AIRE enables the patient to test in the safety and comfort of their own home. AIRE also gives the patient the power to check their response to the antibiotic treatment by repeat testing. Furthermore, SIBO relapse is also very common and can occur within months of the initial clearance of infection. Therefore monitoring with AIRE can us help identify the early the signs of relapse before the infection reoccurs.”

The trial compares the FoodMarbles AIRE device to the current gold standard for SIBO detection, lactulose hydrogen breath testing (LHBT).

FoodMarble Co-Founder & CEO Aonghus Shortt adds, We have witnessed a clamour for greater access to SIBO testing from those who suspect that they may be affected. This has translated into growing interest from gastroenterologists, especially during a time when they often cannot see their patients’ in-person and must rely on telehealth and remote monitoring. We strongly believe that tracking the response to multiple meals over several days, instead of a single-snapshot test, can better reflect typical digestive processes and support better diagnosis. To see our technology clinical validated is extremely satisfying. We will continue to develop and help validate new tools for clinicians, which will ultimately help patients overcome debilitating and harmful conditions.”

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