FundamentalVR Expands Its Educational Platform

FundamentalVR Expands Its Educational Platform

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, September 21, 2020

FundamentalVR trumpets the expansion of its educational platform to enable users to visit the virtual classroom for interactive lessons and meetings.

FREMONT, CA: FundamentalVR, global pioneers in using immersive technology to improve the way surgeons are trained, announces the expansion of its educational platform, Fundamental Surgery, with Teaching Space. This feature enables multiple users to visit a virtual classroom for interactive lessons and meetings.

This year, FundamentalVR widened its multimodal platform with its multiuser ability, which allows unlimited users to practice, learn, and teach together inside an operating room (OR).TeachingSpace's addition now allows multiple users to meet in a virtual classroom setting, complete with an interactive whiteboard, conduct lessons, discuss a procedure before attempting it in the virtual OR, or debrief after practicing a skill set. With Teaching Space, instructors and their trainees can communicate, write notes on the whiteboard, and share ideas from various locations and settings. Additionally, users can transition between Fundamental Surgery's virtual OR and Teaching Space to make remote learning and practice even more engaging.

Additionally, medical device and pharma companies can save both time and money by bringing surgeons and KOLs together into TeachingSpace for briefings, Q&A sessions, and one-on-one training without the need to travel. The application also has great benefits for medical sales for training, virtual sales call with digital instrumentation twins.

COVID-19 has brought significant challenges to surgical training and, in many cases, disrupted traditional training programs, which have relied upon face-to-face events. Video conferencing facilities have come to meet the immediate communication needs of many. However, these 2Dplatforms do not fully replace the teaching and learning opportunities of being together in the same room, talking about a patient case pre-operatively, or live in an OR looking at the patient anatomy and handling surgical tools. The new Teaching Space, which offers a collaborative environment for surgical education in VR, allows residents and KOLs from across the globe to come together for teaching sessions, to review cases, and share their knowledge and skills.

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