GHO Capital Closes Fund III with Over $2 Billion in Capital to Invest

GHO Capital Closes Fund III with Over $2 Billion in Capital to Invest

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, July 26, 2021

GHO Capital announces the final close of its third Fund, GHO Capital III LP, less than four months after entering the market. 

FREMONT, CA: GHO Capital (Global Healthcare Opportunities), a European specialist investor in global healthcare, has announced the final close of its third Fund, GHO Capital III LP (the Fund or Fund III), less than four months after it entered the market, with more than $2 billion in capital ready to invest.

Fund III, which was double the size of its predecessor in 2019, had great support from both current and new investors. The entirely virtual fundraise was considerably oversubscribed, exceeding its objective of $1.25 billion and bringing total assets under management (AUM) to around $5 billion.

The Fund will keep GHO's thematic focus on recognizing appealing healthcare subsectors and developing firms with global strategic value. GHO will invest in excellent management teams, build operational capability and capacity, explore business transformation using strategic add-ons, and promote globalization with a transatlantic focus.

GHO's purpose-driven approach to investing in organizations that provide better, faster, and more accessible healthcare, emphasizing quality of product and service with efficiency and innovation in delivery, continues to be underpinned by responsible investment and consideration of ESG aspects.

The company invests in building a diversified workforce with experience in healthcare, private equity, and operations. It has added twelve new team members since January 2020, such as two Operating Partners and six new investment experts.

They are also happy to announce the launch of a US office in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, to assist its North American portfolio firms and accelerate growth possibilities for its European businesses in North American markets.

The Partners at GHO Capital commented: "We have seen unprecedented deal activity in our portfolio and the sector at large. Our pipeline is more active now than ever before. The pandemic has served to highlight the strong, secular sector tailwinds that guide GHOs investment thesis, an ever-growing need for better, faster, more accessible healthcare. We thank all our investors for placing their confidence in us and we look forward to working with them in the years ahead."

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