GPO: Technology Consolidation to Enhance RCM

GPO: Technology Consolidation to Enhance RCM

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, January 04, 2019

The healthcare sector is escalating to new levels with the advent of technologies which offer enhanced care to patients. The increased demand and the importance of technology in the healthcare sector have increased the basic standard that is required for an industry to remain competitive. Small-scale companies tend to fall back in the competition as they don’t have enough investments at the rates that are required for them to succeed. These companies don’t hire skilled groups who can adapt to the evolving technology. This has led to a consolidation trend in the industry, where healthcare industries can meet clinicians’ needs by combining technology and innovative vision. MTBC [NASDAQ: MTBC] revolutionizes this healthcare IT scenario with interoperability, advanced technology, and the integration of the human element into the flow of healthcare data as its main three pillars. “MTBC’s drive toward universal data exchange and formats, as well as multi-system interoperability, is what the future and regulatory bodies are calling for,” says AI Nardi, vice president of strategic initiatives at MTBC.

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MTBC provides a completely integrated suite of proprietary web-based solutions to healthcare providers along with related business services. The integrated SaaS software platform of MTBC helps customers increase revenue while reducing administrative and operational burdens. MTBC empowers the healthcare providers to reduce the expenses and streamline clinical and operational workflows through Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). MTBC’s technological solutions can aid the physician practices to successfully meet the regulatory challenges and prosper amidst the rapidly shifting healthcare industry environment.

"MTBC’s drive toward universal data exchange and formats, as well as multi-system interoperability, is what the future and regulatory bodies are calling for"

MTBC has proudly announced significant cost savings for its existing and new group purchasing organization (GPO) clients who shifts to the MTBC’s RCM solution. As a part of its rollout, MTBC provides $1000 Amazon gift card to its GPO clients if they are unable to reduce their in-house RCM costs by at least 20 percent. Currently, more than 4,000 healthcare providers leverage MTBC’s GPO throughout the U.S. MTBC has acquired GPO as a part of its most recent acquisition. MTBC constantly innovates to lead a global healthcare environment which brings transformational changes in healthcare through innovative technologies.

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