Gravity+ And Cincinnati Reds To Jointly Deliver Customized...

Gravity+ And Cincinnati Reds To Jointly Deliver Customized Healthcare And Testing Experience

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, April 11, 2022

Gravity Diagnostics' newly formed consumer health company has partnered with the Cincinnati Reds to provide individualized healthcare and testing experiences to individuals seeking to gain control of their health.

Fremont, CA: “The founding team of Tony Remington and Julie Brazil chose the Cincinnati Reds partnership to help kick off the new venture. Gravity+ is excited to partner with the Cincinnati Reds through the 2024 season, including sponsoring this summer's 4th of July fireworks, which will be a celebration of the team, our employees, and the greater Cincinnati area,” states Julie Brazil, Gravity+’s Co-founder. Gravity Diagnostics, recently recognized as the fastest-growing company in Greater Cincinnati, is thrilled to announce its official sponsorship of the Cincinnati Reds through its revolutionary new consumer firm, Gravity+.

Gravity+, which is scheduled to launch in late summer 2022, will provide a personalized healthcare and testing experience to people looking to regain control of their health. Gravity+ is a growing array of revolutionary home health testing equipment supplied through an easy-to-use platform designed specifically for health-conscious individuals who want to take control of their health.

“You can't talk about Greater Cincinnati without talking about the Reds. The organization is such a beloved institution in the region and the team's popularity continues to span multiple generations of die-hard fans,” comments Brazil. “There are a lot of Reds fans on the team here at Gravity who are very excited about this news.”

“Our passion for the community drove us to perform close to 4 million COVID-19 tests, through our lab operation and drive-thru testing sites,” states Tony Remington, Gravity's Co-founder. “Now with that same passion we are expanding our business with Gravity+ right alongside the Reds, our esteemed, hometown team.”

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