GRYT Health Collaborates with Bristol Myers Squibb for Diverse...

GRYT Health Collaborates with Bristol Myers Squibb for Diverse Oncology Solutions

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 27, 2021

GRYT Health, along with Bristol Myers Squibb, will create a virtual platform to launch diversity in Oncology and raise awareness about racial disparities in Oncology among diverse patients.

Fremont, CA:According to the National Institute of Health, “The invasive breast cancer age-adjusted mortality rate for black women age <40 was twice that for white women,” because of racial disparity that exists in oncology. GRYT Health, an oncology solutions company founded and run by cancer survivors, and Bristol Myers Squibb have teamed up to launch Diversity in Oncology, a virtual platform available at, to highlight and raise awareness of the health disparities in oncology that diverse patients in the United States face. The Diversity in Oncology program will co-create a series of live, interactive workshops with a multi-stakeholder audience including local and national organizations, patients and caregivers, healthcare providers, clinical trial teams and primary investigators, public health schools, and others. The program's purpose is to engage courageous talks about what is currently inequitable in clinical trials so that this multi-stakeholder, multi-cultural movement may work toward structural improvements. We will highlight present injustices and discuss methods to adjust the system by bringing together a diverse group of patients who have experienced inequities and those who run trials.

“This initiative is about acknowledgment of the real and current issues in cancer clinical trials that need to be fixed,” said Megan-Claire Chase, partnership director at GRYT Health and moderator of the first session on the Diversity in Oncology platform. “This initiative is being developed with the voices of the underrepresented communities living these experiences, so that resources and structural change can be co-designed together.”

The experience of varied physicians, principle investigators in clinical research, better representation of diversity in clinical trials, and new models of academic and community partnership in terms of clinical research will all be covered in upcoming sessions, all of which will be available on the same virtual platform. In the first session, the panellists will discuss their personal experiences as patients who have participated in clinical studies and individuals who have chosen not to engage in clinical trials.

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