HeadCheck Integrates CrashCourse to Allow Organization to Change...

HeadCheck Integrates CrashCourse to Allow Organization to Change Culture of Concussion Safety

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The integration of CrashCourse into HeadCheck will enable both organizations to work together to change the culture of concussion safety in sport.

FREMONT, CA: HeadCheck Health and TeachAids launch a partnership to provide the interactive CrashCourse: Concussion Education platform online through all HeadCheck products. Built alongside leading medical, education, engineering, and science researchers and with input from their expert coaches and student-athletes, CrashCourse delivers a unique educational experience that assists correct common myths and misconceptions to help better recognize and address symptoms of a concussion. At a time where online education is important, its inspiring to see two great organizations joining together to educate athletes throughout Canada.

The partnership between the Alberta Female Hockey League (AFHL) and HeadCheck means parents, coaches, and athletes can communicate with the CrashCourse content virtually through the HeadCheck platform, at no additional cost. The result is a best-in-class system that integrates all aspects of concussion education, reporting, and management.

The base curriculum is offered in both HD and Virtual Reality and includes a short, interactive film. Most recently, TeachAids released the Brain Fly-Through product as part of the CrashCourse suite in partnership with USA Archery, USA Artistic Swimming, USA Bobsled & Skeleton, USA Baseball, USA Cycling, USA Diving, USA Field Hockey, USA Football, USA Fencing, USA Gymnastics, US Lacrosse, US Ski & Snowboard, USA Hockey, US Speedskating, USA Triathlon,  USA Taekwondo, and USA Wrestling.

HeadChecks app and web products are leveraged by sports organizations to execute concussion protocols, reduce risk, and help athlete recovery. HeadCheck functions closely with major sports leagues, medical professionals, and youth sports leaders to develop products that are grounded in research and easy to use in real-life situations.

The Alberta Female Hockey League provides a competitive platform for aspiring female athletes to improve their skills. A collection of 12 host associations is committed to the growth and development of AAA and AA female hockey. Through staff and volunteers, the AFHL offers opportunities for female athletes to receive mentorship, off-ice education sessions, female-specific coaching, post-secondary exposure opportunities, academic & billet programs, and a competitive skill development atmosphere.  HeadChecks end-to-end solutions enable organizations of all types and sizes to execute their current concussion protocols, support athlete recovery, and mitigate risk.

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