Health IT should move beyond EHRs

Health IT should move beyond EHRs

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, November 19, 2018

New healthcare technologies are invented frequently which are transforming the very industry remarkably. As health-IT is booming hospitals health care providers should begin to apply the new technologies beyond the basics as electronic record systems (EHRs). Organizations should work on gaining knowledge on advanced health-related technologies and apply those at the betterment of taking care of the patients.

Following are some of the ways by which healthcare IT advanced itself:

Improving EHRs: Having multiple vendors for different parts of the EHRs system makes it difficult to have effective EHRs for the organizations. They should try to look into vendors those offer all-in-one devices or services.

Telehealth: Many organizations use telehealth and equipment. But multiple ranges of vendors complicate care delivery. Organizations should strategize telehealth program to improve patient treatment, engagement and reduce cost.

Precision Treatments: While treating chronic diseases providers use the trial-and-error method to test out possible medicines that can allay the symptoms. If those treatments don’t work, it will end up with the patients’ discouragement and wasted money and time. Moreover, according to Healthcare Finance, $2.5B is spent per year on ineffective treatments. With the advent of precision medicine for chronic diseases, the patient will be treated faster and effectively. 

Security: As the health care industry is one of the major targets for cyber attacks, data breaching is a threat to the organizations and they are struggling with it. Organizations should invest time and money to reduce the vulnerability of breaching patients’ records. 

Cloud computing: Healthcare providers should maximize efficiency and meet the demand for value-based care by adopting cloud computing. Organizations should move the assets to the cloud and make sure data remain safe. Cloud computing provides the benefits of low costs, security, and availability.

Healthcare industry can be at the fore if it invests time and resources with proper IT-infrastructure. EHRs can serve as a hub for advanced analytics. EHRs improve coordination among caregiver teams and intervene with patients who are suffering from chronic diseases with medications.

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