Healthcare Advances Transforming the Industry

Healthcare Advances Transforming the Industry

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, March 15, 2019

Healthcare industry has undergone many technological changes in patient’s data access. But, whether the patients are happy about the technological change and the clinical behavior is still a question. According to Rice University’s Baker Institute of Public Policy, healthcare mergers and acquisition have created an impact on patient satisfaction and care. It neither helps the industry to improve clinical care nor harms the patients. Instead, the technology has been moving toward providing patients with less process time in the clinical aspects.

Though the healthcare teams offer the best clinical care and patient experience, the exterior factors like patient data access fail to satisfy the patient. Increase in the number of healthcare providers does not boost patient satisfaction. In order to engulf such issues, healthcare mergers must have anticipated thinking regarding the implementation issues before choosing patient engagement technologies.

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Some healthcare mergers ease in-patient interaction through patient education tools. It is also necessary to create standardization in all the system sites. The growth in the healthcare industry has barriers like changes in payment models, rising labor costs, aging baby boomers, and uncertain regulatory environment. According to the research from Porter Research in 2019, many healthcare systems have been aiming to reduce reimbursement costs. The research also highlights the major challenges faced in the healthcare industry at present. It advises healthcare providers to keep an eye at the patient experience, reimbursement costs, cyberattack, and data maintenance.

It is necessary to identify and scale the occurring operational difficulties thereby enabling interoperability, increased data visibility. Though technology helps in reducing costs and time, it is up to the healthcare providers, who have to select the appropriate technology that increases patient satisfaction. The correctly chosen technology helps in data mining along with efficient legacy systems. It also helps in obtaining exact information without any delay. Interoperability tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML help in automating, improving, and refining operational processes and clinical workflows. In the next few years, many healthcare organizations will implement such advanced healthcare technologies that will greatly improve the patient experience.  

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