Healthcare Industry is Benefitting from the Application of AI...

Healthcare Industry is Benefitting from the Application of AI Technology

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New technologies profoundly impact the healthcare industry in various ways. Healthcare industry has benefited tying up with Machine Learning, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These three main factors have advanced the types of machinery of hospitals, insurance companies and help doctors understand the root cause of diseases with in-depth analysis tech.

According to an industrial source, the healthcare industry will spend an average of $ 54-55 million on AI projects. 86 percent of healthcare providing organizations, hospitals, technology vendors to healthcare and life science companies are using AI tech.

Implementation of AI-enabled Network Systems in Hospitals

Compiling and analyzing information like medical records, patient case history (past and present) is done with the application of AI networks and digital automation process. The data and information of a patient is collected, stored, formatted, re-formatted, and traced within seconds to provide faster and efficient access.

Analyzing Treatment Procedures and Consultation Process

AI uses robots to analyze test results, CT-scans, X-rays, data entry and such other task are done accurately. Doctors provide individually customized treatment path with clinical expertise and external research based on the precise data results analyzed by AI systems. AI is also helpful in noting the notes and reports from or of a patient’s file.

Virtual nurses, the new advancement in AI is to help monitor patient’s condition and follow up with the treatments and keep the track record of doctor visits, medicine prescription, and so on. The Virtual nurse's program uses machine learning to support patients specializing in chronic illness.

Developing AI Powered Pharmaceutical Systems

Drug creation methods or systems through clinical trials are more time consuming and cost billions. To make this process faster and cheaper could change the outlook of the healthcare industry globally. Ebola, various types of cancers and other deadly diseases are fought more effectively, and chances to save thousands and millions of lives increase with AI-powered pharmaceutical programs.

Genetics and genomes look for mutations can be scanned faster identifying right spots of cancer and vascular diseases early with the help of AI.

All these advancements in the healthcare industry can save thousands of people ensuring a faster and healthy recovery.

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