Healthcare Security Challenges and Solutions

Healthcare Security Challenges and Solutions

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

As the healthcare industry offers life critical services to improve patient care and treatment with new technologies, cyber attackers look to exploit the vulnerabilities that are coupled with these changes. The cybersecurity issues related to healthcare range from malware that compromises the integrity of the system to privacy of patients to distributed denial of service attacks that disrupt health facilities' ability provide patient care. These health security challenges are beyond financial loss for healthcare and are a breach of privacy.

The serious threats include the following:

mHealth (mobile devices): Many wellness programs and procedures are available on mobile devices today. Hospitals and clinical practitioners must be aware of the threat of security breaches and hacking of sensitive health data. Patients, clinical practitioners, and visitors are using mobile devices, which means an increased potential for security breaches. Network Access Control (NAC) solutions can be a smarter step to prevent data loss. It identifies each type of user and device and then determines threats or out of date spyware protection. NAC solutions can also keep medical devices safe where many of them are interconnected.

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Employee negligence: Security breach incidents can also be caused by insider misuse. It is an instance in which an employee of a health organization steal data or commit other cyber crimes. To prevent this insider misuse organization should audit all devices used by employees. They should be vigilant in their efforts to monitor access to the patient data. Data loss prevention products can be used for data exfiltration- When sensitive patient data is transferred outside the organization. Unintentional staff actions can also cause compromising over sensitive data. Quality control measures and protocol can lessen the negative impact of unintentional actions.

Supply chains: Threats associated with the healthcare supply chains cannot be overlooked.

Health security challenges will continue to grow and healthcare organizations, especially those in the midst of digital transformation will continue to be vulnerable to cyber threats if proper solutions are not implemented.

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